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Close protection course – POLICY


                                                         IBSSA MACEDONIA DOOEL

                                                         Kumanovo, N.Macedonia,

                                                         E-mail: [email protected]


IBSSA MACEDONIA as a corporate member of IBSSA (International Bodyguard Security Services Associations – and as a official and approved training centre of HABC Highfield International with centre No.20735 ,organise course for Close protection Level 3,verified by IBSSA & SIA (Security Industry Authority).

The course covers practical skills and knowledge required for close protection and operational matters for close protection in the middle of operation, especially for: threat and risk assessment, operational planning,teamwork, reconnaissance, foot drills ,use of weapons, searching, management trends, static security , communication , surveillance and conflict management.

Course participants will gain knowledge for:

  • Understanding the regulation for Close protection,
  • Understanding the role and responsibility of individuals for close protection,
  • The importance of threat assessment and risk management,
  • Techniques for surveillance,
  • Security operations,
  • Designing and demonstrating operational planning,
  • Importance of interpersonal skills,
  • Importance of teamwork,
  • Importance of reconnaissance,
  • Foot drills,
  • Importance of planning route selection
  • Tactics of movement and operations with vehicles,
  • Search Techniques and Procedures in Close protection operations,
  • Implement management techniques of defencewhile ensuring,
  • Manage the conflicts and reduction of personal risk,
  • Calming conflict,
  • Learning how to resolve the conflicts,
  • Communication skills with radio equipment.

Details of course maintenance:

Place: Kumanovo , Macedonia.

Policy of IBSSA MACEDONIA DOOEL limited number of 12 students per course.Places on the courses are awarded in principle,first come first served.Upon receipt of your application and deposit,you will be sent a reservation confirmation of your receipt along with instructions.

Dates and places can be changed only under conditions beyond our control.

Required documents:

  • Filled CV (in addition),
  • Copy of a valid passport,
  • Copy of ID,
  • Original certificate of good conduct court (trans. ENGLISH),
  • Copy of certificate or diploma at least secondary education,
  • 2 photos,
  • International birth certificate,

Details for contact:


Country Representative of IBSSA for Macedonia

SIA instructor – International senior specialist security

IBSSA instructor-Master Teacher of Security sciences

Tel. mob: +389 71 260 654 (Viber)

e-mail:[email protected]

Skype: branislav5960


Official training center of IBSSA

SIA training provider  – Highfield International HABC Center number:20735

11 Oktomvri 17-3/7 1300 Kumanovo

North Macedonia

Tel:389 31 420 415(fax)

E-mail: [email protected]

Bank transfer

Name of beneficiary: IBSSA MACEDONIA DOOEL Kumanovo

Address: 11 Oktomvri 17-3/7 1300  Kumanovo  Macedonia

Account: IBAN  : MK 07380477314304244

Bank : Pro Credit Bank, Macedonia,

Bank Address: Jane Sandanski 109 a ,1000 Skopje Macedonia.