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Close Protection Training – CPD Training

IBSSA Macedonia is excited to announce the launch of a series of new-focused short courses, taking advantage of our incredible in-house expertise in the form of our Career Professional Development (CPD) programme of lectures and training).

These CPD courses are aimed at working security professionals who want to enhance their knowledge and skills of their profession and have this extra training and development officially     recorded in order to advance their employability within the field of security professions.

CPD is a crucial part of enhancing your skills and knowledge in todays private security industry, and it’s not enough just to DO the activity, but you need to record and reflect on any new knowledge and skills learnt.

What are our CPD Principles?

The essential principles are:

C – Continuing

  • Members demonstrate their commitment to developing their competence through the virtuous circle of CPD
  • Development is continuous in the sense that members actively seek to improve their knowledge, skills and performance
  • Regular investment of time and learning is seen as an essential part of professional life, not as an optional extra.


P – Professional

  • Members show an active interest in the internal and external environment and in the continuous development and improvement of self and others at both organisation and individual levels
  • Outcomes will reflect the HR Profession Map
  • Learning objectives should will be clear and serve individual and ideally, client and organisational needs.

D – Development

  • The starting point is a realistic assessment of what needs to be learnt in order to meet the demands of the ever-changing professional security industry
  • Development is owned and managed by the individual, learning from all experiences, combined with reflection as key activities
  • Working effectively and inclusively with colleagues, clients, stakeholders, customers, teams and individuals both within and outside of the security organisations.

Our new CPD short courses consist of:

  1. Conflict Management Specific for Close Protection Operations CPD Level 2 (3 Days)
  1. Introduction to Security Management CPD Level 3 (3 Days)

For more information please contact our centre at: